Siem Reap Cambodia Part 3: Chau Say Tevoda

chau say tevoda Siem Reap, Cambodia

This is part 3 of a 4 part series on my visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia. In Part 2, Angkor Thom was visited, Part 1 was Angkor Wat.

chau say tevoda Siem Reap, Cambodia


After the exquisite throws of Angkor Thom, the journey continued onward to Chau Say Tevoda. Feeling a bit fatigued already the large stairways were a daunting sight which had to be tackled.

chau say tevoda Siem Reap Cambodia Stairs


As you can see, this was just the first set of stairs….

chau say tevoda first stairs


A view from the top…

chau say tevoda 15


Unfortunately, what I call the altar of sacrifice was blocked off to human foot traffic.

chau say tevoda altar of sacrifice


I was happy to make it back down the stairs in one piece. A few other photos from around the ruins.


A video walkthrough of this area!

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