Siem Reap Cambodia Part 2: An Odyssey at Angkor Thom

An epic moment at Angkor Thom Siem Reap Cambodia

This is part 2 of a 4 part series on my visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia May 2015. In Part 1, we visited Angkor Wat.

After some hours exploring the Ruins of Angor Wat, finding my tuk tuk driver proved to be a challenge.  I wandered out into the blazing sun and was greeted by a mob of ‘tuk tuk my friend’ drivers in my face. I bypassed them and walked down to where I thought my driver would be, no sign. I ended up calling the hotel to contact my driver and let him know I was ready to move on….

Once back with my ride, we took off down the road for our next stop, Angkor Thom. It was then we came upon an ancient and magical gate which had to be seen to be believed. A huge archway intricately carved with Buddha heads and moss growing up the sides. I could hear monks chanting off in the distance over a body of water and saw people riding an elephant passing through the large opening. It was really a splendid sight to say the least.



After spending some time sitting here, observing and taking photos, it was time to head deeper into the actual ruins. The first thing to strike me was these ruins seemed even more spectacular than Angkor Wat.


The level of detail inside was really incredible.


Especially the 3 sided Buddha faces!


Towards the front of Angkor Thom, was a solitary Buddha statue, whose orange robe provided great contrast.


After wandering for quite some time, I turned the corner and came upon one of the most exotic sights imaginable.



I approached to get a photo with them!

Overall, I was blown away by Angor Thom. It felt extremely exotic, interesting and fulfilling to experience.

In part 3 of 4 in this Cambodia series, we’ll be visiting Chau Say Tevoda.

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