Nightime Visit To The Sunshine Ranch

Creepy Horse

A brief recount of the creepy, yet otherwise mundane experience of the unexpected.

Recently I took a short trip to Sunshine Ranch, for some drumming around the fire with friends. The Ranch is part makeshift farmers market, part intentional community, part work/exchange opportunity on privately owned property which has small gatherings from time to time.

This was my first visit.

After initially settling in around the fire and warming up my drum, I went to help gather firewood in the nearby woods. Further away from the fire and into the blackness we proceeded.

And then, we came upon a gate. Unbeknownst to me what lie on the other side.

Not expecting this level of blackness, I had only brought my phone with me, which doubled as a makeshift light to illuminate the darkness. I shined the light towards the ground and then out in front of me, to get my bearings as the gate closed behind us. Gazing over to my right, I saw two large entities which really startled me, thinking what the fuck was that?

My initial impression was two aliens standing tall with over sized heads. The real identity of these creatures, was much less otherworldly.

It was two horses staring at me, standing still as a statue, yet containing life within.  I was already half way to la la land due to previous Entheogen enjoyment. It felt like the Blair Witch Project. One minute your looking into the dark and see nothing. The next moment, as if appearing from nowhere a light shines and these two massive figures are just standing there without a peep. 

Things felt exaggerated.

My heart-rate slowly increased….

Further back into the woods we descended, stepping over large exposed tree roots, side stepping layers of mud and looking for firewood.

As one foot finds a path in front of the other, the sound of squealing pigs and chickens pecking can be heard off in the distance, along with other unidentified things scurrying about.

While still in a state of heightened night vision with spidey senses at full alert, another strange noise soon made itself apparent.

My first thought, was someone else had followed us back and was trying to be funny, making wailing animal sounds. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what this was, or what new night terror was about to befall us. It turned out to be Ed the goat, trying to copulate with his sister during an all day hormone fueled rampage!

Backing slowly out from the deep darkness, with all manner of unknown beasts concealed within, it was time to head back and emerge victorious. While returning back the original way,  I see a large black mass that didn’t look like a horse or goat, yet was a large mammal. This kind of creeped me out.

I stood still, a sudden standoff of who would move first. Carrying a light in one hand and jousting sized wood “spear” in the other would suffice, I reasoned.   Taking a deep breath, I made my way past this apparition without incident, as other animals followed me up to the gate. I was ready to get back on the other side, as I fastened the lock.

In a matter of fact fashion, I found out later the ominous black mass was a BULL!

This wasn’t quite the legendary red bull who charges out of a grandfather clock at midnight to drive all living unicorns into the sea (from the animated movie The Last Unicorn).  Nor was this a horned bull who migrated it’s way over from the infamous bull runs of Pamplona, Spain. It was a lonesome black bull, without horns. But nevertheless, still a bull.

Other manner of eeriness and thinking I saw stuff happened around the fire, while owl’s mated in the trees under the stars, unpolluted by city light. It was interesting to finally almost get spooked, as it rarely happens to me.

Real horror show.


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