How To Crush 3 Obstacles Blocking Your Online Business

This is the first post, in a four part series, designed to help you overcome several common online business success obstacles. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4


That long coveted word, strove after by many, seemingly attained by the few. Why exactly does success always seem so elusive? The thing others seem to attain so easily “overnight” , while others strive endlessly in vain. Is it some special skill people are born with, or do these privileged few somehow get lucky? As we will see, self-defined success is merely the byproduct of maintaining good, focused habits.


Diligence is the mother of good luck” – Benjamin Franklin


Here is the thing about luck, the more you plan for success and diligently act, the luckier you get. This is especially true, where online business is concerned.

A hundred different excuses and self convincing reasons can stand in the way of your taking consistent action towards your goal of success.

What is success really? Success is different for everyone. To some, it’s a million dollars in the bank, with a collection of large houses and garage full of exotic cars. For others, success is bringing in an extra $500 a month to put towards savings or a car payment. For some, creating something which makes an impact in others lives is reward enough.

This four part series you are about to read is meant for those who are working a full time job, and struggling to get an online based side project off the ground in their spare time and escape the 9 to 5 grind. There are many of us, our numbers are strong.

I know, because I am one of you.

Many of us are itching to escape from our day jobs and live life on our own terms. However, something is always in the way. There never seems to be enough time to get things done. Never enough money. There are always unforeseen roadblocks which creep up, and derail our efforts, often causing us to abandon hope.

Getting a side project off the ground with limited time is too difficult they exclaim, much to the “I told you so” retorts of family and friends. Indeed this can be a challenge, let that be known right away. With the proper mindset and tools, progress can be made in a consistent way. When we see a plan moving forward , it inspires us to keep going, to do more.

Action begets action.

This 4 part series will reveal how to stomp out three major obstacles blocking your success. These three obstacles are, the perceived lack of:


That’s it.

Three shorts words which are the classic blockers of reaching the finish line.

Before I reveal my interpretation of how to overcome these challenges, you may be asking yourself why you should consider my advice. I don’t claim to be sitting on the beach, and working 1 hour every six months while the cash rolls in.

Who I am, is a guy that’s tried diligently since 2004 to make a full time living with an Internet based business, while also working full time. **UPDATE** As of January 2015, I quit my job and am making it happen!

The number of jobs I’ve had during the first several years of this 7+ year time period is a blur, and in fact I’ve actually lost count. I’ve picked up all types of different odd jobs, while trying to make a go of growing my eCommerce shop to a full time income. I’ve gone from being dead broke several times with a negative bank account, skipping meals, electric shut off, broken relationships, to working two jobs to make ends meet.

All through this time, I’ve managed to grow an eCommerce shop into a revenue producing entity, as well as gain extensive experience in all facets of running an online business. This experience led me to a position as Director of Digital Strategy with a digital agency.

I’ve seen what works and doesn’t work.

I am now using my hard won digital skills towards helping eCommerce shop owners succeed with my consulting business eCommerce Warriors, while striving to become 100% debt free, save a two year emergency fund and live a location independent lifestyle.

Next week, we will look at the first obstacle blocking your business success, Vision.

This is the first post, in a four part series, designed to help you overcome several common online business success obstacles. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4

Have you been struggling to build an online business while working full time?

What has been your biggest challenge?

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