Lessons Learned From Digital Nomad Living & What’s Next

sunset on the arabian sea goa india

The main purpose of my initial 6 month trip to Asia was buying time for cheaper living, getting some work done, a bit of exploring and pondering a few topics, which needed resolution. These goals influenced how I approached the average day and socializing. In this round about way, a huge step towards clarity has Read More


Digital Nomad Initiation Phase 1 Half Year Asia Complete

Initiation 1 complete

Tomorrow, I’m starting the long journey back to the U.S. for a while, with a several hour stop over in Tokyo, Japan airport (maybe enough time for a quick tour). It’s been exciting, depressing, terrifying, humbling, eye opening, psychedelic and grounding this past half a year living in India (Goa (in a grass hut), Rishikesh, Read More